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Since most industrial plants have an extensive and complicated plumbing system they normally require the expertise of certified plumbers with specialized skills and in-depth working knowledge of a variety of industrial plumbing equipment that takes years of field experience to accumulate. At Bear Plumbing, our job is to make sure all of your industrial plumbing needs are done right, the first time.


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Leak Detection and Repair

A leak in the plumbing system at an industrial plant can spiral very quickly with devastating effects on the continuity of operations resulting in unanticipated additional operating costs. That’s why it is important to periodically check for leaks before they begin to drain resources.

We use the latest technology, including video pipe inspections, to locate any possible leak in your piping system without having to tear up property at the plant. If there is a leak anywhere in the system, our certified plumbers will find it and repair it before it can cause extensive damage.


Industrial Plumbing Services

  • Leak Detection
  • Storm Drains and Sewer Systems
  • Piping, Ventilation and Ducts
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Lift Station Pumps
Bear Plumbing Advantage

  • Most repairs completed on first visit
  • 24/7 Emergency repair service
  • Fast and professional response
  • Trained technicians

Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair

Storm drains are often a neglected part of the plumbing system until they overflow. This overflow can cause extensive structural damage that will impact industrial operations if left unchecked. It can also serve as an escape route for industrial effluents that can then find their way into rivers, lakes and streams. These are all problems that we can help you avoid by cleaning your storm drains and repairing any issues that we spot.

Using high pressure hydro jetting, we keep your drains clear of debris, stagnant water, pollutants and/or garbage, thus allowing your industrial operations to run smoothly avoiding unnecessary down time.


Lift Station Pump Installation, Cleaning and Repair

Industrial lift pumps are specially designed to transport waste water away from low lying areas to higher elevations. This system is a critical component in ensuring your facility has access to clean water at all times. However, if the system breaks down or the pumps get clogged, a sewage backflow can occur and contaminate your fresh water supply. Our lift station pump maintenance program is very crucial in keeping water lines clean, preventing any damage to industrial plant operations and complying with state, local and federal water regulations.

In addition to cleaning and repair, we also sell and install a variety of lift station pump systems to serve the needs of any industrial plant operation.


For quality industrial plumbing services throughout Miami-Dade and Broward call the Bear at 305-940-8180 today! We also provide plumbing services for refrigeration units and kitchens and commercial construction sites.